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healthy smile=healthy heart

Brushing your teeth could help you avoid heart disease! Having clean teeth and healthy gums may reduce your chances of atherosclerosis.  A new study was conducted by Moise Desvarieux, MD, PhD, has found that brushing, flossing, and taking care of your teeth and gums is good for your heart, preventing heart disease and stroke. Make your toothbrush your weapon against heart disease and stroke! To ensure a healthy smile toothbrush4u.com offers a toothbrush subscription that delivers an Oral B toothbrush every 3 months, guaranteeing an effective toothbrush. Get your toothbrush subscription today!

Brushing Teeth Good for Heart Prevents Heart Disease Toothbrush Subscription


brushing your teeth with…soap?

A new study by Dr. Gerald F. Judd, a retired Emeritus Professor of chemistry at Purdue University, reports that  the best way to prevent cavities, protect gums and rid teeth of plaque is by using soap. Judd points that brushing with soap destroys bacteria and virus, and also removes hard plaque stuck to the bottom of the enamel. Who knew such a common household item could serve to maintain a healthy smile? 

Will you be substituting toothpaste with soap?!

Brushing Teeth with Soap Toothbrush Subscriptions

last minute holiday gift idea!

Not sure what gift to give your loved ones this year? No worries, toothbrush4u.com has the perfect holiday gift in store! A toothbrush subscription is a great and easy way to show you really care. Whether a child, pre-teen, teen or adult a toothbrush subscription is sure to brighten up the holiday joy!

Toothbrush4u.com Holiday Gift Ideas: Toothbrush Subscription

grand opening of toothbrush4u.com!

toothbrush4u.com is proud to announce the grand opening of our e-commerce business! This intuitive business offers an oral b toothbrush subscription that will arrive to your door-steps every 3 months(or 4 time a year.) toothbrush4u.com not only keeps your toothbrush replacements on track, but with every toothbrush sent out, a toothbrush will be given to someone in need! So, will you be joining this movement to bring smiles to those in need one toothbrush at a time?

Toothbrush4u.com Toothbrush Subscriptions